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Seed paper

Sheedo Life is the paper revolution: We have replaced throwaway paper with one you can use and plant.

The paper is 100% sustainable and has seeds in its composition. Once it has been used, you plant it, give it a second life and remember a special day with the plant that blossoms from the card.

How is the paper planted?

Place the paper on a plate
with 5mm of water

Water it every day and put it in a sunny spot.
It can’t dry out!

It will sprout in a few days.
Then, transplant the paper in a pot with soil

How do we producte seeds paper?

The shredded cotton is mixed with water in the Dutch pile. The holander beater pile refines the cotton with a grinding wheel and creates a paste of cotton and water.

This wet sheet is transferred to a silk blanket and is piled up creating a “lasagna” of sheets, as our artisans say. Once we get a considerable amount of blankets and sheets, we press it in a hydraulic press for 1h.

First, the cotton that is going to be used as raw material is selected by hand. We use waste cotton from the textile industry, so the scraps that don’t have the desired color or remnants of other products such as plastics or papers must be removed. It is a manual process!

Once we have the cotton paste, we passed it along with the seeds to a container with water called “the tub”. Then, through a mesh that is introduced into the tub, the water is filtered and the cotton deposited on that mesh forms the leaf.

The sheet and the blanket (since they are held together by pressure) are dried in the open air for 24 or 48 hours. Once dry, the sheet is separated from the blanket and pressed again for 5 hours.